What is polyDIESEL?
Multi-fuel manufactured by depolymerisation of plastics in the absence of oxygen(pyrolysis)

Our Goal:
Creating a self-contained mobile polyDIESEL plant, that can ultimately create polyDIESEL that is a direct substitute for any industrial grade OIL derivative.

Why Green Technology?
The green technology component is derived from one of the principles of green technology namely: Source reduction, which is defined as the reduction of waste and pollution. Due to the non-degradable nature of most polymeric materials, more specifically plastics, large amounts of polymeric materials are deposited at landfill sites. The rising cost of electricity and water to reprocess these materials and the escalating cost of labour while sorting and transporting these materials in their natural raw form to recycling plants often end in uneconomical feasibility studies. Furthermore the complexity of recycling multi-layered polymeric material and the cost of storing these polymeric materials places a severe strain of the economical feasibility of conventional recycling methods. At present only about 20 % of the South African polymeric material produced annually are recycled by conventional recycling methods.

Is polyDIESEL legal?
The technology of manufacturing fuel from plastic is still to new to fall under it’s own branch, but the South African waste management act 59 of 2008 clearly makes provision for recovering of municipal waste, including plastics.

Legal protection?
We have filed a patent for a self-contained mobile pyrolysis plant.
The mark polydiesel has been trademarked.
The logo polydiesel, as seen on the website, has been trademarked.
Registered designs of internal components of the mobile unit will soon be registered as functional and aesthetic designs.
.COM and .CO.ZA domain names for polydiesel have been aquired.

What makes polyDIESEL unique?
The concept of a mobile self contained ployDIESEL plant combined with a unigue method of manufacturing using a combination of a metal and micro porous mineral catalyst system. Followed by an strong antioxidant preservative to counter possible oxidation caused by unsaturated carbon atoms.


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